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What is The Mueller Method™?

• Advanced homeopathic protocols.

• Accelerated healing results.

• Comprehensive case taking and scientific analysis.

• Tools to meet the challenges of modern practice.

Mr. Mueller lecturing at UNC Medical School in 2001
Mr. Mueller lecturing at UNC Medical School in 2001
Update your homeopathic practice to match the complexities of our contemporary lives! Take advantage of Manfred Mueller’s more than 30 years of practice, careful observation and study.

Take The Mueller Method ™ certification track of courses. And feel free to call our office and ask questions about The Mueller Method ™ and these peerless tutorials.

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The Mueller Method – Digging Deeper into Your Homeopathic Toolbox

A free webinar hosted by Will Taylor, MD and sponsored by WholeHealthNow Books. Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH, continues the work of Samuel Hahnemann by applying the concepts from the Organon to today’s homeopathic practice. Diseases of today are more complex than in Hahnemann’s time. Our chronic disorders are mostly iatrogenic (drug/poison induced). Learn how to use new tools to accomplish more with your patients – faster and gentler.

Topics covered: dosing, potency, primary and secondary action of drugs, causes of disease, removing obstacles to cure and antidoting (reverse chronological tautopathy), remedy selection for complex and multiple disorders and more.